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THRIVE: 2020

A  New Dance Inspired Workshop

Thrive: to become very successful, happy or healthy; to succeed, to achieve, to prosper

What is THRIVE? A new dance workshop that helps to teach young dancers how to be their best self, teaching them to thrive in any atmosphere or challenging situation through the power of dance.

Dance teaches young people discipline, creativity, teamwork, respect, how to make improvements, to feel self-assured and confident, how to listen well, lead others and be patient, among others. (See “How can dance benefit my child?” to read more about the benefits of dance.)

Intertwining contemporary, ballet, improvisation, jazz, hip hop and choreography skills along with the lessons your child will learn within the dance class, we will guide your dancer on their journey to be their best self through positive affirmations, journaling, setting intentions and then reflecting on their work. (See below for dates and times.)

Why THRIVE? We all want our children to be successful, happy and healthy! This workshop is designed to do just that. We want to teach and give your child the skills necessary to be able to thrive in any given situation.

Things your child will learn through the THRIVE Workshop:

1. Leadership – The ability to be a great leader must be learned and developed. Thrive will teach your child the most effective way to be a great leader while being respectful of others.

2. Mindset – Developing the right mindset is an important factor in being able to achieve their goals. Thrive will help your child develop the right mindset to transform the environments and circumstances that surround them.

3. Grit – Grit is the ability to persist in something you feel passionate about and persevere when you face obstacles. It’s resilience, patience, passion and hard work along with a “never give up” attitude.

4. Problem Solving – To be able to turn their inspiration into a workable solution, developing problem solving skills is vital. It is the driving force that turns their dreams into their reality.

5. Inspire Others –You cannot get to where you want to go without a good, healthy support system. And the best environment to be in is one surrounded by people who believe in you, share your goals and who will stand by you in support of your dreams. Your child will learn how to inspire others while being inspired themselves.

6. Communicate – Even in the time of isolation and social distancing, it is important to build and strengthen connections with supportive adults and peers, including family, friends, and teachers. Through this workshop your child will learn how to positively express their emotions both verbally and non-verbally through journaling and their dance training.


THRIVE: Ballet, Contemporary and Improvisation Workshop

July 10 – 12         Ages 7 and Up          9:30-1:30pm each day

THRIVE: Jazz, Hip Hop and Choreography Workshop

July 24 – 26         Ages 7 and Up         9:30-1:30pm each day

Workshop Fee:

One THRIVE Weekend Workshop        $150

Two THRIVE Weekend Workshops      $275

Sample weekend schedule:

9:30-10:00am       Morning meeting; setting the day’s intention; guided journaling

10:00-11:15am     Class #1

11:15-12:15pm     Class #2

12:15-12:30pm     Break

12:30-1:15pm       Class #3

1:15-1:30pm         Reflection; guided journaling


How do I sign my child up for the THRIVE 2020 Workshop?

Registration opens on Monday, June 15th. You can register by clicking on the Online Registration tab! A $30 registration fee will hold your child’s place in the workshop. The workshop fee is due by July 6th and will be automatically drafted on that day. We look forward to having your dancer join us for this new, innovative, dance-inspired workshop!