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COVID-19 Plan for the 2020-21 Dance Season

Welcome to Body Expressions Center of Performing Arts! We are excited to be starting a new dance season. Classes start the week of September 14th. However, we know that you may have concerns with sending your dancer back to dance class this upcoming fall. Perhaps you have questions of what classes will look like? How will your child learn? What kind of environment will your child be learning in? We are here to answer all of those questions as well as ease your mind with the safety procedures we have set in place for the safest possible return for the upcoming fall season.

We have planned both for in-person dance classes as well as virtual dance classes using the Zoom platform. While dance is meant to be taught in a classroom setting and have personilzed attention with minimal distractions, we understand you may not feel comfortable with sending your child to in-person classes. Perhaps you may need to quarantine for a time after being out of town or you or a family member has been exposed to someone with COVID. However, that does not mean your dancer cannot get the benefit of their dance classes with us! Virtual classes are a great way to keep up with their training in case of temporary closures, having to limit class sizes or if one has to quarantine for a time! All 3 of our studio rooms are equipped with T.V. and video conferencing to ensure a great virtual experience for your dancer!

If you would like to come take a tour of our facilities to see for yourself, we would love to show you around! Give us a call at 985-674-2174 and we can set up a personalized tour for both you and your dancer.

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What are the safety precautions you all have set in place for the fall dance season?

The following is a list of guidelines and safety measures we are taking and we need each family to take to ensure the safest possible return to classes. 

  • We are taking preventative measures in sanitizing each studio room and bathrooms before each teaching day, in between classes and after the dancers leave. 
  • Dancers must be dropped off and picked up. We ask that no parent or guardian enters the studio or building to wait for their child.
  • Upon entering the studio, each dancer will sanitize their hands both before and after each class. We have placed hand sanitizing stations throughout the entire building to make it easily accessible for even our tiniest dancers.
  • Dancers will maintain a safe social distance of 6 feet from each other throughout the class using the designated lines we will have marked on the floors in each studio.
  • Please bring only the shoes you need for the day in a small dance bag and a water bottle (optional).  ALWAYS come dressed in the proper dance attire. Make sure your child’s name appears in the inside of their dance shoes. 
  • Parents, we ask that you take your chid’s temperature BEFORE you send them to the studio. If they have a fever, cough, runny nose, cold, etc. please do not send them. Use our Zoom class option instead. 
  • If your child or family member has a fever, cough, runny nose, cold, etc., you must stay home for the safety of anyone you may come in contact with. Use our Zoom class option instead.
  • If you would like to remain at home during any of the phases we are in, no problem! We are offering a virtual dance class experience using the Zoom platform! Simply email us to let us know.
  • All faculty and staff members will be required to wear a mask. As per the CDC guidelines, masks for children ages 8 and up are encouraged. Please see our “Does my child need to wear a mask while dancing?
How does my child enter the building or studio?

We have 3 separate studios here at Body Expressions, each with its own entrance door. Studio A will use the main entrance door to enter the studio. Studio B will use the door to the left corner of the main entrance door. Studio C has its own entrance door. Dancers will enter and exit out of those 3 doorways. 

When dropping off or picking up your dancer, we ask that you pull closest to the door of the studio your child will be dancing in, and your child’s teacher will walk your child into the studio or to your car. To allow for traffic flow, classes will end 5 minutes eariler then the scheduled ending time. 

How will my child learn?

In-person dance classes are the ideal way to teach dance as well as for your dancer to learn. However, among the present situation we find ourselves in, virtual classes are the next best thing! We are equipped for in-person learning, a combination of in-person and virtual learning and virtual learning alone. No matter the Phase we are in, your dancer can continue to learn and not have their dance classes and training interuppted.

Does my child need to wear a mask while dancing?

We understand the importance and safety of everyone involved when it comes to wearing masks. All faculty and staff members will be required to wear masks at all times. Anyone entering the building must enter wearing a mask. We encourage all dancers ages 8 and up to wear a mask at all times. Within each studio room, all dancers will be spaced out 6 feet apart. As long as all dancers can maintain a safe distance away from other dancers, they can lower their mask to make sure they are getting sufficient oxygen when they are dancing and exerting energy. However, their masks must be quickly accessible if we need to move places in class or in entering and exiting the studio rooms or the building.