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Ms. Heidi 4:45PM Wednesday PA 2-3 yrs.


Song: Talk to the Animals


  1. Capezio Light Suntan Tights (Transition)
  2. Tan Ballet or Tan Jazz Shoes. (If spraying shoes use spray paint in color Bark)
  3. Half Up/Half Down Curly


  • Ivory and Brown sequined and tulle dress with red trim
  • Monkey Ear headband attached securely to head
  • Monkey Tail


  • Brown velvet/sequined dress with attached pink organza skirt and sequined bow at neck
  • Brown marabou and pink sequined ear headband with attached pink bow attached securely to head.


  • Zebra print long sleeved leotard
  • Black and White Tulle tutu
  • Black ear headband attached securely to head


  • Leopard print velvet/lace long sleeved biketard with attached glitter tulle and side feather bustle
  • Feather hair clip attached securely to right side of dancer’s head


  • Multi-colored animal print biketard with attached organza and tulle skirt
  • Turquoise and multi-colored animal print arm bands
  • Black bead and claw anklets
  • Black feather hair clip attached securely to right side of dancer’s head


  • Tiger print biketard with spandex straps
  • Black, copper and gold tulle tutu
  • Black sequined belt
  • Tiger ear headband attached securely to dancer’s head
  • Tiger Tail
  • Tiger print fingerless gloves


  • Cheetah print long sleeved leotard
  • Orange, yellow and brown tulle tutu
  • Brown cheetah ear headband attached securely to dancer’s head


  • Orange Velvet Leotard
  • Orange and brown feathered boa skirt on elastic
  • Orange velvet arm mitts
  • Orange feathered boa headpiece attached securely to dancer’s head


Song: Sugar Sugar

  • Light Pink/Purple sequined dress with attached curly layered skirt with cummerbund and bow at waist
  • Light Purple glitter bow with jewel for hair
  • Capezio Light Suntan Tights (Transition)
  • Tan Tap shoes (If spraying them use spray paint in Bark)

Hair: Half Up/Half Down Curly with bow at top center of the ponytail holder


  • Wear jeans, “The Greatest Show” Finale T-shirt and sneakers.

What is Stage Make-up? How do I apply Stage Make-up?

Knowing how to apply stage makeup is essential for all dancers. Without it, it is impossible to see the dancer’s face on stage. It is important to understand why performers of all ages need to wear stage makeup. As we all already know, no child needs makeup to look beautiful. Wearing makeup on stage is NOT about trying to improve your looks. It is about being seen under bright lights from a far distance. Stage lights are extremely bright and will wash out any and all facial features if no makeup is applied.


  1. Basic makeup brush set
  2. Cosmetic wedges
  3. Foundation (slightly darker than your complexion)
  4. Eyeshadow palate with at least 3 complimentary colors
  5. Liquid or pencil eyeliner (black)
  6. Mascara (black)
  7. Blush
  8. Lip Liner
  9. Colorstay lipstick
  10. Makeup bag or case to hold items is recommended.


Apply foundation to a clean face. Use the cosmetic wedges to help blend the foundation into the skin. Be sure to blend a little foundation to the bottom of the chin into the top of the neck so that the foundation looks natural.


Apply the lightest color to just under the eyebrow and to the eyelid. Apply the next lightest color in between where you put the lightest color and blend it in well. Apply the darkest color to the crease of the eye only and blend it in well.


Apply liquid or pencil eyeliner to the top of the eye, as close to the lashes as you can manage. Apply a very thin line of liquid or pencil eyeliner to the bottom of the eye. Be careful not to apply too much. If the line is too thick on the bottom of the eye, it actually makes the eyes look less open on stage.


Apply mascara to lashes. Again, focus more on the top lashes and apply very little to the bottom lashes. Use the eyelash comb to help separate and extend the eyelashes after applying mascara.


Starting at the middle of the cheekbone, use a big brush to blend the blush back. Using a large blush brush (as opposed to the kind that comes with the blush) will help to blend the blush into the skin and make it look more natural. 


Apply lip liner first. Be sure to stay within the natural lines of the lips. Next, apply lipstick to the inside of the lips. Color stay works best because once it is on, it does not come off when a performer sweats, drinks water, or changes her costume (It is next to impossible to get lipstick out of a light-colored costume).