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Auditions for the 2023-24 BXP Dance Company and the BXP Dance Crew during the last week of the THRIVE Summer Dance Intensive, July 26-27. The choreography for the auditions will be taught on Wednesday, July 26th and the audition will take place on Thursday, July 27th.

If your dancer is interested in auditioning for the BXP Dance Company or the BXP Dance Crew, please email us so we can add you to our mailing list and send you the 2023-24 audition packet information and requirements.

  • You must be at least 7 years old by September.
  • A minimum of two weeks of the THRIVE Summer Dance Intensive is mandatory for all that are planning to audition. Dance training is year round and a dancer must always keep up with their technique; there is no “off-season”. Taking the THRIVE Summer Dance Intensive does not automatically make one a company member.
  • If selected, you will be required to take two ballet classes, one contemporary class, one company technique class, one company rehearsal class; although other classes may be taken.
  • You must attend all scheduled classes, rehearsals, performances and competitions.
  • All competition fees must be paid on time.
  • All company members must wear the proper dress code to all classes and rehearsals.
  • Parents and students must sign a contract and will be held accountable for their attendance in all required classes as well as their behavior in these classes.
  • All selected company members must be available for the Choreography workshop in the month of August.


BXP Dance Company Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child learn as a company member?

Your child will learn far more than technique and steps. The discipline of dance training gives young people a better understanding of commitment, teamwork, discipline, and of what hard work can accomplish. They learn to support each other and everyone’s talents. You will get to see their growth as a dancer, their self-esteem will rise and they will be dancing all the time!

Is competition in dance the same as in sports?

NO. Unlike sports, dance is an art form subject to a judge or judge’s opinions. In sports a winner is determined by who scores the most points. In dance you are judged by your performance on a certain day, time and by a certain set of judges. Change that day, time or any one judge and you will get somewhat of an altered result. However, the team concept is still the same: learning that you have a responsibility to your fellow dancers and teachers. All competitions are different and and vary in their judging systems.

What is required of my child if they are selected for the company?

All company members are required to participate in all scheduled rehearsals, competitions, conventions, performances and scheduled weekly classes. They are required to be on time and to be ready, dressed as a dancer should be, especially for their ballet classes; hair in a secure bun, black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. All other classes should be company leotard or other leotard, dancer boy shorts, tights and all required shoes for each specific dance class. We expect the company members to be responsible for making sure they are here for all scheduled activities. We make them accountable for their own actions.

What is required of the parents?

Parents have the key role of being a supporter of their child and the rest of the company. Your role is to encourage them, keep them committed to the program, support the teachers and the choreographers and help them to realize that a healthy body that has a desire to work hard at something is truly a blessing to have.  Most important, realizing your children are learning life lessons and that the awards they win are only a small part of those life lessons. Your child being in the company is just as much of a responsibility for the parent as it is for the child.

Do I have to take ballet classes?

YES. Ballet is the foundation for every style of dance, even hip-hop. Ballet teaches coordination, balance, and musical appreciation. It also encourages poise, grace, and creativity as well as sculpts the body and tones the muscles. Ballet is the most important class your child can take and should be taken seriously by the dancer.

Are rehearsals held every Saturday?

NO. We will try to arrange the schedule to make it feasible for all without burning out the dancers, parents, or teachers. We find the dancers appreciate their gifts of dance more if they are not bombarded with a ton of rehearsal time.