BXP Dance Crew

The BXP Dance Crew is for dancers who wish to improve their technique, skills and movement. The BXP Dance Crew program is designed for dancers ages 7 and up that have decided to pursue their dance training beyond a recreational level through additional study and training by traveling with the BXP Dance Company to conventions and taking part in the in-studio workshops without a commitment of participating in competitions.

The Body Expressions Dance Crew strives to provide dancers of all ages that have a love, drive and passion for dance an opportunity to expand their talents and training and possibly their careers as young dancers. Auditions are held annually, and company and crew members have a required schedule of classes in addition to rehearsals and performances.


Age 7

  • Ballet   –   Monday 5:00-6:00
  • Performing Arts   –   Wednesday 5:45-6:45
  • Hip-Hop – Wednesday 4:45-5:45

Ages 8-10

  • Ballet  –  Monday 5:00-6:00
  • Performing Arts  –  Tuesday 4:45-5:45
  • Contemporary – Tuesday 5:45-6:45

Ages 11-13

  • Ballet – Tuesday 4:45-5:45
  • Contemporary  – Monday 6:45-7:45
  • Jazz Technique – Monday 7:45-8:45