BXP Company

The BXP Dance Company performs and competes at several venues each year. Our goal is to teach our students the beauty of dance being a performer first, a competitor last. We teach the students that competition is a performance opportunity and is about the gift of dance that they give their audience. The awards, medals, trophies are all extra. Their worth as a dancer and as a person could never be measured by a trophy or placement in a competition.

The Body Expressions Dance Company strives to provide dancers of all ages that have a love, drive and passion for dance an opportunity to expand their talents and training and possibly their careers as young dancers. Auditions are held annually, and company and crew members have a required schedule of classes in addition to rehearsals and performances.


Company members are required to attend the classes indicated below, in addition to scheduled rehearsals and performances. Ages are approximate and may vary based on placement.

Ages 8-10

  • Ballet   –   Monday 4:45-5:45
  • Contemporary   –   Monday 5:45-6:45
  • BXP Performing Arts   –   Wednesday 4:45-6:00
  • BXP Practice Class   –   Wednesday 6:00-7:15

Ages 11-13

  • Ballet (1st requirement) – Monday 5:45-7:00
  • Contemporary – Wednesday 6:30-7:30
  • BXP Performing Arts – Wednesday 7:30-8:45
  • Ballet (2nd requirement)   –   Thursday 6:30-7:30
  • BXP Practice Class   –   Thursday 7:30-9:00

Ages 14+

  • Contemporary   –   Monday 6:45-7:45
  • Ballet (1st requirement)   –   Monday 7:45-8:45
  • Ballet (2nd requirement)   –   Tuesday 6:45-8:00
  • Jazz Technique – Thursday 6:30-7:30
  • BXP Practice Class – Thursday 7:30-9:00