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Annual Recital

The 2024 Body Expressions Dance Recital will be held on Sunday, June 9th at the beautiful Mahalia Jackson Theater.

Body Expressions goes above and beyond with an annual recital at the area’s largest professional venue, the Mahalia Jackson Theater in downtown New Orleans. The Mahalia is frequented by the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, international ballet, dance, theatre, and opera companies, and an endless list of popular performers. This investment offers a top professional experience for performers and their audience.

While participation in the recital is optional, we strongly encourage all students to be a part of the production as a vital part of dancer experience. Performing is an essential component of dance education. The preparation of the production, teamwork, and joy of performing in front of a live audience are both culmination and reward for the technical and emotional effort that a dancer puts forth in weekly classes.

Recital Ad Program

Purchasing ads or space in our annual recital program book is optional. We will provide details about these guidelines and fees in January. Each family that participates in the ad program will receive one free book the night of the recital. Other programs are sold the night of the performance.