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Always wanted to try a dance class? Looking to see what Body Expressions has to offer? Come trial any of our available classes. Simply look at the schedule below to see what days and times we have available for you or your child. Then just call us or email us to set up your trial class!

2021-22 CLASSES

Whether students are new to dance or have the desire to further pursue dance as a career, Body Expressions provides opportunities for growth and advancement while promoting self-confidence, a lifetime commitment to an active lifestyle, and an educated appreciation of dance in all its forms as a beautiful art. Classes are available for students from the age of 2 through Adult. All students are eligible and encouraged to participate in our Annual Recital to showcase their accomplishments at the end of the year.

Note: Dancers must be the age of the class when classes start on September 13th.

Performing Arts (Ages 2+)

A combination class of ballet, jazz and tap offered for ages 2 and up teaching beginner concepts and terms for all styles with musicality. Ballet teaches placement, endurance, strength and flexibility. Jazz instruction and routines emphasize form and style. Tap provides sound and rhythm essentials. These classes are excellent for the motor skills development young children need.

Hip-Hop (Ages 4+)

This one hour “street jazz” dance style for ages 4 through adult emphasizes timing, power, strength and rhythm. This class in particular provides instruction that encourages individual stylization and self-expression. It includes basic terminology and steps, floor work and combinations.

Contemporary (Age 7+)

This class for ages 7 and up is a form of dance that is an eclectic fusion of several modern dance techniques and various developing philosophies  of movement.  It’s not a specific dance technique but a collection of methods developed from modern and post-modern dance that can take on many forms.  It is based on the study of the human body and body/mind inter-relationships.

Leap, Turns and Technique Class (Age 11+)

This hour long class for ages 10 and up is a technical class for those who want to improve turns, leaps, jumps and flexibility. It includes combinations, routines, and progressions across the floor, with a focus on strengthening and body alignment. This class is a great option for those who are on dance team or cheerleading or those who are thinking about auditioning for the dance team or cheerleading in the future.

Acro Dance Class (Ages 6+)

This is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. Acro Dance will dramatically advance your dancers strength, flexibility and agility quickly by adding this class to their weekly training! This class is for ages 7 & up.

Ballet (Age 5+) & Pointe (Age 11+)

Ballet is the technical foundation of most popular dance styles including contemporary, lyrical, and jazz. Ballet teaches elegance of movement and trains the movement skills necessary to perform anything from Swan Lake to contemporary work. Beginner pointe trains the dancer to stand and balance properly on pointe and how to safely and correctly get on and off pointe. Intermediate pointework includes simple turns and allegro (jumps). Advanced pointe includes a full range of advanced level ballet. Pointe students must attend a minimum of two ballet classes weekly in addition to pointe. Pointe qualifications are listed here.

Progressing Ballet Technique (P.B.T. Ages 10+)

Progressing Ballet Technique (P.B.T.) is a new, innovative technique to help dancers safely understand the use of muscle memory to improve their comprehension of core stability, weight placement and alignment. Using a fit ball, resistance bands and other tools, the Progressing Ballet Technique program will help the dancer to achieve their personal best in classical ballet classes, as well as their technique in other genres of dance.

BXP Dance Company, BXP Dance Crew and BXP Company In Training Classes

The Body Expressions Dance Company, the BXP Dance Crew or the BXP Company-In-Training is the ideal way to accelerate the versatile dancer’s training. With more intense weekly classes, opportunities to travel to conventions and workshops learning from other master teachers, and performance opportunities, dancers progress rapidly. Our BXP Dance Crew and BXP Company-In-Training offers recreational dancers a low-commitment alternative with similar opportunities. Visit the Advanced Training page for more information about classes and opportunities available to Company and Crew members.