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Private Lessons
Are private classes for me?

Want to take your dancing to the next level? Body Expressions offers private and semi-private classes by appointment with all faculty. Private lessons may be used for refining technique or to have choreography created on the dancer and coached for an audition or performance.

It is common for advanced dancers seeking a professional career to take advantage of these customized classes to propel their abilities beyond a recreational level. Private classes can also be used to work on issues that a student is having trouble mastering within normal class time, or to help a student from a less rigorous program get up to speed with their peers.

What can I expect from a private class experience?

As with group classes, students will get out what they put in. Private classes are as effective for a student as the student is receptive and committed to proactively applying corrections. In private classes however, the student is provided highly concentrated attention, instant feedback and a completely tailored approach to their dance instruction, accelerating the learning process significantly.

How can I arrange private classes?

All students must complete and submit the Private Lesson Guidelines form and applicable fees in advance of any private or semi-private classes. Private classes are one-on-one with undivided attention from the instructor. Semi-private classes are for two dancers and have a reduced cost. Call us anytime for a phone consultation for customized private lessons and for fees of individual lessons as well as package prices available.

Classes may not take place if they have not been paid for in advance. Classes must be prescheduled in order to accommodate the facility’s in-demand schedule.

Students are not required to be enrolled at Body Expressions to arrange private classes.

Packages of 10 private or semi-private lessons can be made in two installments. The first installment is due before the first class and the second installment is due before the sixth class.